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Sunsets on Empire - The Remasters: Deluxe Edition

The remaster of Sunsets on Empire is the definitive version of Fish's 5th studio album. This remaster edition features 3 CDs of music in a hardcover book designed by Mark Wilkinson. "Sunsets co-written and produced by Steven Wilson, one of his first high profile gigs outside 'No Man' and 'Porcupine Tree'... it's safe to say he did a sterling job. The pairing of Fish's candour and wordplay and Wilson's rhythms and reveries merits critical rehabilitation" - PROG Magazine
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Hardcover book (140 x 126mm) with 3 CD's in wallets ( 2 floating, 1 glued) and 48 pages original illustrations and artwork with photos and approx 9000 words of original sleeve notes written by Fish about the background of the album, the writing and recording and lyric explanations and the subsequent touring.

Tracklisting as on the original album
CD 2
6.38 Goldfish and Clowns
6.59 Sunsets on Empire
5.55 What Colour is God
6.10 Do Not Walk Outside this Area
8.44 Perception of Johnny Punter
4.10 Say it With Flowers
The tracks above are all demos with Steven Wilson
8.37 Perception of Johnny Punter - USA version with changed lyrics on front section to satisfy a nervous record company concerned about allegations of racism.
6.24 Do not walk Outside This Area (bonus track Japan - full recorded version)
4.01 Tara (radio edit)
4.11 Goldfish and Clowns (Radio edit)
7.04 What Colour is God (re-mix)
Total 61.59
CD 3 Live
3.43 Change of Heart (from 'Communion' St Mary's Church, Haddington)
5.28 Tara (from 'Communion' St Mary's Church, Haddington 2006)
5.20 Worm in a Bottle ( from Haddington Corn Exchange, Company Convention 1998)
6.46 Goldfish and Clowns (Poland 97)
8.30 Jungle Ride (Poland 97)
11.15 Perception of Johnny Punter (Poland 97)
5.50 What Colour is God (Poland 97)
6.02 Brother 52 (Poland 97)
The Polish recordings are the multi track versions taken from the DVD 'Live in Poland' not released previously on CD. They are for me the best performances captured of these songs
8.46 Sunsets on Empire (from 'Sashimi' 1999 recorded in Poznan)
Total 61.40
The entire collection of songs was Re-mastered by Calum Malcolm (2015) and will be in 16 bit stereo.
I have no date as yet for the vinyl version which will be a double album in 180 g

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Dimensions (W) 13.96cm x (H) 11.96cm x (D) 1.5cm