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Field of Crows - The Remasters: Deluxe Edition

The 4th and latest release in the Fish remaster series 'Field of Crows' comes as 3 CD's in a hardback book with 48 pages of artwork all designed by Mark Wilkinson with rare photos and 8000 words of sleevenotes written by Fish.
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Field of Crows Credits October 2016
1 The Field (Dick, Watson) 8.48
2 Moving Targets (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.45
3 The Rookie (Dick, Watson) 5.33
4 Zoo Class (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.26
5 The Lost Plot (Dick, Turrell) 5.15
6 Old Crow (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.21
7 Numbers (Dick, Watson, Usher) 5.39
8 Exit Wound (Dick, Watson) 5.58
9 Innocent Party (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 7.41
10 Shot the Craw (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 6.21
11 Scattering Crows (Dick, Watson, Turrell, Duguid) 5.08
Total 66.53
Recorded at the Studio, Haddington, East Lothian Autumn 2003
Engineered by Elliot Ness Re Mixed by Chris Kimsey 2014
Fish - lead vocal
Bruce Watson- guitars and e bow .Frank Usher- guitars, slide guitar
Steve Vantsis- bass Mark Brzezicki- drums and percussion
Tony Turrell- keyboards Dave Haswell- percussion
Danny Gillan - backing vocals on 1/2/3/4/6/11
Richard Sidwell- trumpet and flugel horn on 1/4/6/8/10
Steve Hamilton- Saxophone on 1/4/6/8/10
Irvin Duguid- clavinet on 6
Yatta and Lars K Lande crowd vocal on 1
1 The Lost Plot (demo) (Dick, Turrell) 6.20
2 Scattering Crows (demo) (Dick, Watson, Turrell, Duguid) 4.59
3 The Field (demo) (Dick, Watson) 8.46
4 The Rookie (live 2004) (Dick, Watson) 5.41
5 Moving Targets (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 6.14
6 Innocent Party (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 6.46
7 Zoo Class (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.06
8 Numbers (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Usher) 5.55
9 Old Crow (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.34
10 The Lost Plot (live 2004) (Dick, Turrell) 6.18
Total 61.38
Tracks 4/5/6/7/8 recorded live at Bilston Robin 18/2/04
Lead Vocals - Fish
Guitars- Frank Usher and Bruce Watson Keyboards- Tony Turrell
Drums - Winston McGilvray Bass- Steve Vantsis
Backing vocals and acoustic guitar- Danny Gillan
Tracks 9/10 recorded live at Oslo Rockefeller 5/3/04
Lead vocals- Fish
Guitars- Andy Trill and Bruce Watson Keyboards- Tony Turrell
1 The Field (live acoustic 2006) (Dick, Watson) 8.19
2 Shot the Craw (live acoustic 2006)(Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.23
3 The Lost Plot (live acoustic 2006) (Dick, Turrell) 4.53
4 Scattering Crows (live acoustic 2006) (Dick, Watson, Turrell, Duguid) 5.22
5 Innocent Party (live 2005) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.08
6 Moving Targets (live 2005) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 7.08
7 The Rookie (live 2004) (Dick, Watson) 5.56
8 Zoo Class (Live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.01
9 Numbers (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Usher, Duguid) 5.36
10 Moving Targets (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 5.42
11 Innocent Party (live 2004) (Dick, Watson, Duguid) 7.08
Total 65.34
Tracks 1/2/3/4 recorded live at St Mary's Church, Haddington 26/8/06 (originally released on 'Communion' album) engineered, mixed and produced by Calum Malcolm
Fish - lead vocal
Guitars -Frank Usher and Andy Trill Keyboards - Tony Turrell
Steve Vantsis - Bass Gavin Griffiths - drums
Dave Haswell - percussion
Backing vocals - Angela Gordon, Anne Marie Helder and Heather Findlay
Tracks 5/6 Amsterdam Paradiso 15/11/05 (originally released on 'Return to Childhood DVD) mixed and produced by Calum Malcolm
Lead Vocals - Fish Guitars Frank Usher and Andy Trill
Keyboards- Tony Turrell Steve Vantsis - bass John Tonks - drums backing vocals - Deborah Ffrench
Tracks 7/8/9/10/11 recorded at Bradford Town and Country Club 6/4/2004 (original released on 'Scattering Crows' DVD)
Engineered by Chris Archer, Elliot Ness, mixed and produced by Elliot Ness
Fish - lead vocal
Guitars- Frank Usher and Bruce Watson Keyboards - Tony Turrell
Bass - Steve Vantsis Drums - John Tonks
Backing Vocals and acoustic guitar - Danny Gillan
All 3 CD's mastered by Calum Malcolm 2015

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