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Fellini Days - The Remasters: Deluxe Edition

Fellini Days was originally released in 2001 which Fish co-wrote with John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) and John Young (Lifesigns). Fellini Days remaster is a 3CD collection containing the original album, previously unavailable demos and live performances all remastered by Calum Malcolm and is the definitive release delivered in a hardback book with 90 pages of artwork designed by Mark Wilkinson with photos and 8000 words of sleevenotes written by Fish.
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Hardcover book (140 x 126mm) with 3 CD's in wallets ( 2 floating, 1 glued) and 48 pages original illustrations and artwork with photos and approx 9000 words of original sleeve notes written by Fish about the background of the album, the writing and recording and lyric explanations and the subsequent touring.

Fellini Days FHC008CD
9.11 3D
4.06 So Fellini
7.32 Tiki 4
5.25 Our Smile
5.33 Long Cold Day
5.30 Dancing in Fog
5.15 Obligatory Ballad
7.18 The Pilgrim's Address
7.17 Clock Moves Sideways Total: 57.07

CD 2 Demos
9.36 3D (instrumental, 2 versions edited together)
2.56 So Fellini ( instrumental)
4.38 So Fellini (instrumental)
4.34 Aggro (instrumental, track written by John Wesley ,never used and lyric idea became 'Square Go' on 13th Star)
5.00 Clock Moves Sideways (instrumental)
2.14 Tiki 4 (acoustic instrumental)
4.52 Tiki 4
5.00 Long Cold day (instrumental)
3.14 End of the Line (instrumental, track written by John Wesley ,never used)
4.00 Federico - (full band instrumental jam, track never used)
3.38 Pilgrims Address
5.28 Our Smile (Piano /vox)
6.17 Dancing in Fog ( remix) Total 61.27

CD 3
Fellini Days Radio Editslive versions
8.55 3D (Rotterdam 2001)
4.25 So Fellini (from Nearfest DVD 2008)
6.26 Long Cold Day ( Return to Childhood 2005)
8.40 Pilgrims Address (Oslo 2001)
7.27 Clock Moves Sideways (Fellini Nights 2001)
7.19 Our Smile ( acoustic Leamington fan club convention 2012)
7.51 Tiki 4 (Oslo 2001)
7.32 Clock Moves Sideways (Oslo 2001)
3,59 So Fellini (Poznan 2001)
9.40 Pilgrims Address ( acoustic version, St Mary's Haddington 2006) Total 72. 24

The entire collection of songs is being remastered by Calum Malcolm 2015 and will be in 16 bit stereo..

I have no date as yet for the vinyl version which will be a double album in 180 g

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Dimensions (W) 13.96cm x (H) 11.96cm x (D) 1.5cm

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