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Fishheads Club Live - 2-DVD Set

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Fishheads Club Live 2-DVD includes

Vocals, Fish, Keys Foss Paterson, Guitar Frank Usher

Tracklisting is-

Live at University of Derby Faculty of the Arts December 13th 2010

Chocolate Frogs,State of Mind,Somebody Special,Jumpsuit City,Slainthe Mhath,Brother 52,Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors,Punch and Judy,Out of my Life,Incubus,Jigsaw,Pilgrim's Address,A Gentleman's Excuse Me,Kayleigh, Lavender,The Company

Produced and directed by Russell Cherrington, Live sound engineering Shaun Rogers, Mixed and Produced by Calum Malcolm

DVD 2 The Spittalrig Studio sessions 10th/11th March 2012 (recorded live in front of an invited audience)

State of Mind, Brother 52, Jump Suit City, Punch and Judy, Family Business, Jigsaw, Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors, A Gentleman's Excuse Me, Torch song/Slainthe Mhath, Just Good Friends, Incubus, Zoe 25, Raw Meat, Fugazi, The Company

Produced and directed by Andy Gamble and Jeff Cousins, AVP Media Ltd, Sound Engineering, Mixed and Produced by Calum Malcolm.

The studio sessions also contain an interview which introduces nearly every song as well as thoughts on the tour.

Mark Wilkinson has as always done a fine job with the artwork and design.

It has an 8 page booklet with a Fish introduction and photos.

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