Vigil’s End – UK Tour 2021 (2CD/Blu-ray)


‘Vigils End’ 2CD/Blu-ray live at the Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms recorded on the 24th November 2021 as the final show on the short 7 date UK tour in 2021.

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‘Vigils End’ was filmed and recorded at Leamington Spa Assembly Rooms on the 24th November as the final show on the short 7 date UK tour in 2021 These were the only dates performed on what was originally planned to be an extensive International tour that was postponed and finally cancelled due to the covid pandemic. The shows were to feature the new ‘Weltschmerz’ album and the final performances of the entire ‘Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors’ album on its 30th anniversary and had begun on March 13th 2020 at Aberdeen Lemon Tree. 48 hours after the first gig the tour was brought to a close and a week later the first lockdown began. The band wouldn’t perform again until the following year and due to a combination of adverse factors the 2021 UK shows would be the only gigs featuring this setlist and the last shows for a considerable time.

The Leamington show was originally broadcast in December 2021 as a global stream event and was hugely supported worldwide to enormous acclaim. The original broadcast has been further mixed, edited, and produced to provide even better quality.

‘Vigils End’ Blu Ray features the entire two hour show filmed in 4k by Dave Barras and Scott Mackay at ‘Strangeboat ’and now available here on Blu Ray in an HD version in a widescreen format with Dolby Atmos and 5.1 mixes provided by Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh  ( Marillion/ Warner’s remasters)

The audio was mixed and produced by Calum Malcolm who also provided a dedicated stereo mix for the double CD version that comes in two wallets at the rear of the hardback book which has over 1100 words of sleeve notes from Fish including private photos from the tour and artwork by Mark Wilkinson with sleeve design by Steve Vantsis.

The Blu Ray which is also in a wallet at the front of the book has the aforementioned full filmed concert plus 2 interviews, one with backstage footage and the other filmed earlier this year with Fish at the Studio.

It also includes a complete ‘alternative UK  tour set’ taken from the other 6 shows on the tour, mixed and produced by Steve Vantsis and the ‘Lemon Tree’ gig from 2020 which was previously released on You Tube as a fund raiser for band and crew during lockdown. The stereo audio has been given a boost in quality and produced by Steve Vantsis and Calum Malcolm.


Full Leamington Show in widescreen HD with Dolby Atmos and 5.1 mixes 120.03

Vigils End – Behind the Scenes (Video) 30.58

The Road to Leamington (Video) 48.36

Alternative UK Tour Set (concert audio)

  1. Grace of God (Southampton)  9.06 (Dick/Boult/Vantsis)
  2. Big Wedge (Frome) 6.03 (Dick/Simmonds)
  3. Man With A Stick (Cambridge) 6.30 (Dick/Vantsis/Boult)
  4. State of Mind (Cambridge) 7.24 (Dick/ Simmonds/ Lindes)
  5. Family Business (Cambridge) 5.28 (Dick/Simmonds/Lindes)
  6. Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors (Cambridge) 9.55 (Dick/Simmonds)
  7. Rose of Damascus (Southampton) 15.49 (Dick/Vantsis/Boult)
  8. He Knows You Know (Liverpool) 5.42 (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas)
  9. Weltschmerz (Frome) 6.51 (Dick/Vantsis)
  10. This Party’s Over (Liverpool) 4.51 (Dick/Boult/Vantsis)
  11. Cliché (Liverpool) 7.11 (Dick/Simmonds/Lindes)
  12. View From a Hill (Liverpool) 6.29 (Dick/Gers)
  13. A Gentleman’s Excuse Me (Cambridge) 3.56 (Dick/Simmonds)
  14. Fugazi (Frome) 9.09 (Dick/Rothery/Kelly/Mosley/Trewavas)
  15. The Company (Glasgow) 5.04  (Dick/Simmonds)

Total 109.37 

Bonus Concert – ‘A Fish in the Lemon Tree’ Live March 2020 (Concert Audio)

(Set list same as Leamington but missing first 4 songs and ‘Script for a Jester’s Tear’ in place of ‘Fugazi’)

CD 1 Live in Leamington 24/11/21

  1. Grace of God                                  9.41
  2. Big Wedge                                       6.06
  3. Man With a Stick                           6.43
  4. State of Mind                                  7.20
  5. Family Business                             5.27
  6. Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors 10.29
  7. Rose of Damascus                         15.52

Total  61.43


  1. He Knows You Know                    5.42
  2. Weltschmerz                                  6.52
  3. This Party’s Over                           4.57
  4. Cliché                                               7.08
  5. View From a Hill                            6.43
  6. A Gentleman’s Excuse Me          3.58
  7. Fugazi                                              9.21
  8. The Company                                 5.11

Total  49.58

Band Leamington Assembly Rooms and on UK tour 21

Fish vocals, Steve Vantsis Bass, Gavin Griffiths drums, John Mitchell guitars, Spencer Cozens keyboards, Doris Brendel backing vocals

Band Lemon Tree 2020 as above except Marcel Singor guitars and Liam Holmes keyboards

All songs published by Fishy Music/ Copyright Control except ‘He Knows You Know’ ‘’Fugazi’ and ‘Script for a Jesters Tear ‘(Lemon Tree show’) published by Charisma Music/ EMI Publishing Ltd

Copyright in this recording Derek W Dick under exclusive license to the Chocolate Frog Record Company Ltd 2022

Sleeve notes copyright Derek W Dick 2022 (no unauthorised reproduction without permission)